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Techie 12'

As fishing from a paddle board continues to evolve, the crew at Dragonfly Paddle Boards has been busy designing a board just for the hard-core angler. The “I’m here to fish” purist. Let’s call it frill-free fishing.

It’s here and it’s new and here’s how we did it: Using a twelve-foot hull we added two cubic square feet of forward dry storage (insulated for cooler use) and aft-wise a small circular well (pump is optional). To keep your feet and line and fish safe, we installed three flush-mounted rail systems. You can modify the board at will by choosing from an assortment of accessories…rod holders, camera mounts, etc. The board has a length of twelve feet with a thirty inch beam and is hand-crafted of vinyl ester resin with bi-directional fabric. And, need we add, the same quality that goes into all Dragonfly Boatworks’ products, goes into yours.

Count on it: Building One of a Kind, One at a Time.

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  • Bi-directional glass and vinyl ester resin.
  • 30-inch beam.
  • Floats 320 pounds.
  • Board weighs approx 40 pounds.
  • Beaded foam core.
  • PDH (paddle dry hull).
  • Unique water shedding deck.
  • Ocean grip padding.
  • Removable fin system.
  • Hard vinyl rub rail.
  • hull to deck glued and screwed.
  • Vented plug for storage and shipping.
  • 3 flush rail systems.
  • Large forward hatch.
  • Rounded livewell.
  • Rear Locking ring.
  • Front and rear carrying handles.
  • Drain plug.