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Dragonfly 10' 0"

"The 13.6 is a big board! Can you build a 10 footer?"

That's what we heard from those who didn't need the floatation capabilities of the 13.6. Our design team set out to make it happen with a 10' board bearing all the cool features of the heavier board but without the weight. She'll still float 300 pounds.

Expect similar construction as the 13.6 with the same 32-inch beam. The bow allows water entry for a lighter person using the same "glide factor" as the big boards.

Note the "yacht" finish non-skid along with a molded-in hand grab on this model. Included is a forward and rear leash plug to secure the board when traveling.

It's all the fun of the 13.6, only lighter.


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dragonfly 10 0


  • Polypropylene and vinyl-ester laminate.
  • 32-inch beam.
  • Floats 300 pounds.
  • Board weighs 35 pounds.
  • Beaded foam core.
  • Hard vinyl rub rail.
  • PDH (paddle dry hull) configuration.
  • Unique water shedding deck design.
  • Yacht finish non skid.
  • Front and rear leash plugs.
  • Centrally located hand grab.
  • Removable channel for fin.
  • Hull-to-deck seam screwed and glued.
  • Vented plug for storage and shipping.
  • Rear Locking ring.
  • Front and rear carrying handles.
  • Drain plug.