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Dragonfly 11' 6"

Drifting back to the old days, the 11.6 is reminiscent of the early long board styles. It's a simple board without all the "stuff" and it's made in response to the many requests we get for traditional boards. We're not against adding competition stripes and/or floral decks... just ask. It bears our fine craftsmanship and a specialized platform to paddle, surf and drift.


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dragonfly 10 0


  • Polypropylene and vinyl-ester laminate.
  • 32-inch beam.
  • Floats 350 pounds.
  • Beaded foam core.
  • Deck padding.
  • Center and rear leash plugs.
  • Forward and rear carrying handles.
  • Removable 7" fin.
  • Anti-theft locking stainless ring
  • Vented plug for storage and shipping.
  • Rear Locking ring
  • Front and rear carrying handles
  • Drain plug